Orange box 2.0

I am excited to share with you the release of my latest orange box of happiness from Hermés. But that would be insensitive as the world’s economy is going in a downward spiral. Unemployment is rising due to this economic contagion. A lot of set-back and sacrifices need to happen as we are indeed in the midst of perhaps a great depression.

On the other hand, escaping the reality once in a while is healthy. Getting away from the depressing news would be a luxury to keep your mind at ease. Let’s take a minute and escape from it. As I was re-modeling my walk-in closet, I couldn’t help but wonder about the families who were living from paycheck to paycheck. They have no financial freedom, let alone free from debts that accumulated with fluctuating bank interest rates. The struggle is real. I used to be one of them until I’ve made a life-changing decision. It was the pivotal moment in my life that I knew what the hell I am doing. I was living beyond my means. My mortgage was extremely high, along with my expensive tastes for designer labels. I turned my life around at the late age of 37. No savings, no investments with only one insurance policy that I thought about giving up prematurely.

The Lord does work in mysterious ways. I downsized. Who needs a two-storey duplex apartment when you only need a 1 bedroom apartment? By then, I had paid all my debts and fully paid on my current living situation. I’ve also made a few sound and rather lucrative investments in stocks and bonds securing my future. I hope to inspire anyone by writing this blog on the importance of financial freedom. The world might be going through difficult times ahead, but I don’t need to be. I am now 47. It takes me 10 years to correct it. Take the first step to being debt-free. Follow by completing your mortgage. From there, whatever you earn is yours to spend and save. 

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