4 More Weeks!

Singapore was in lockdown or circuit breaker mode since early April this year was extremely tough. Though I have no issues working from home but dare I say it I do miss the human interaction, not to mention retail therapy. Going to work in your morning routine now is so easy. Brush your teeth, hit the Nespresso machine, and open your laptop. It is perhaps the new norm. You don’t even need to shower unless you have a ‘Zoom” video conference with the team. This nano-virus has made us changed our way of life. This virus which is inhumane, makes us realize that we are humans after all.

I miss my Starbucks morning or afternoon fix in between client meetings.

On the other hand, your cooking skills have never been better. I live alone, so I am a great believer in dining out twice a day, 7-days a week. Besides cooking for one person is the least inexpensive. Take-out deliveries, cafés, and restaurants are my best friends. I only have soft-boiled eggs on toast or yogurt with mixed nuts for breakfast at home. Today marks the first that I have been cooking at home straight for 30 days! I have another 30 days to go until the business is as usual. The company that I work for is bleeding out their cash flow even with the government’s assistance but however manageable. Honestly, every SMEs in Singapore are suffering from economic contagion. Conglomerates are steady however, retailers and the service sectors suffer the most.

Digital video conference with your teammates is great but nothing is like face-to-face in person. It is the same with shopping online and experiencing full-on retail therapy. I miss human interactions and the sensorial experience.

My blog has always been about lifestyle, travel, and fun stuff. The last few posts are a little bit more real. The health caregivers and the front admin staff are doing such a courageous job. The rest of us should be indoors to help flatten the curve of Covid-19 (Corona Virus pandemic). I’m not going to repeat what the news is announcing, but I will tell you this. The upcoming months will be very hard. If you have been through hardships before, this would be a walk in the park. But you haven’t walk a mile in an unfortunate person’s shoe before, this would probably be hell for you.

I cannot stress how imperative it is to be debt-free or at least minimize your liabilities. If the next great depression struck, it is a world’s problem. Economic recovery will be at least in the next 6 months to 1 year. The year 2020 is supposed to be auspicious because of the double digits in Chinese. Perhaps it remains to be seen.

My late mother always says fresh flowers will fill the home with good energy.

I have stopped my weekly flower subscriptions along with the unnecessary subscriptions that I might not use. Trying hard to be frugal though I don’t need to. I’ve also made some donations over to a few bodies as a Muslim, the month of Ramadhan invites one to be more giving in this difficult time. While I am trying to be a good Muslim, I will pray that the Almighty might make things a bit better for everyone. Stay safe.

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