Teaser Unboxing

Chanel Unboxing

Here’s is a short video clip of a fail attempt on my Chanel unboxing! hahaha

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Chanel Essentials


A good skincare ritual is a good foundation for great skin. Preventing visible signs of ageing. As we aged, our lipids could not retain moisture. The thin layer around our cells are thinner, making water passing through and not contain it hence dryer skin when we get older. Here I have the travel size super serums:

  1. Le Jour
  2. La Nuit
  3. Le Weekend

Le Jour, is a daytime gel-based, non-oily and adheres to the skin, dries in an instant. La Nuit is a rich gel-based lotion that is a little bit more heavy for night time use and Le Weekend is a rich cream serum that gives your skin added hydration you need for an active lifestyle. Perfect travel companion as you don’t have to take the whole full size packaging in your toiletries pouch.

Combined with Lait Confort – a milk cleanser, Mousse Exfoliante Purété – a gentle scrub and Ultra Correction Lift – a Nano lifting lotion as a toner; the results will be velvety somewhat dewy skin. If you are a frequent traveler, do grab this at the duty-free store before your flight as they are more cheaper than in the stores. I always grab the whole lot for a year’s supply in case I don’t travel more than 6 months.

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