eCommerce launch 2020

Derive from French, Maison means House and Meme means; a noun, an element of a culture.

Starting up my very own eCommerce platform during the lockdown may be a great thing as I don’t have much to do for work. I did thorough research on product development, trending markets, and upcoming styles. It’s been a while since my last session in a classroom where I have to participate virtually and have collaborated class assignments. This week has been very grueling, however with patience and consistent performance on a personal level it has made this lockdown somewhat a blessing in disguise.

Today’s blog post will be different, Eid is just around the corner, and being in lockdown has made society spend less in general and even more in the festivities. If one thing COVID-19 has taught us, from a business point of view, never to have your eggs in one basket. For the employers that I work for as well as other businesses where the operation is a standstill because of this global pandemic. Millionaires have multiple streams of income and businesses. Just like investments, you don’t buy stocks for one public listed company. You buy a few. Apart from that, you buy variants such as bonds, insurance, and perhaps blue chips. For me, it is the start of a new business venture on something that I enjoyed doing, designing. This would be my third stream of income, and hopefully, I get to build more through partnerships in the future.

I am launching a new t-shirt line that comes in Fall 2020. I have designed and curated a proper collection with a new movement in manufacturing towards sustainability. With the ever-evolving audience worldwide, I hope to make a difference. See you soon!

4 More Weeks!

Singapore was in lockdown or circuit breaker mode since early April this year was extremely tough. Though I have no issues working from home but dare I say it I do miss the human interaction, not to mention retail therapy. Going to work in your morning routine now is so easy. Brush your teeth, hit the Nespresso machine, and open your laptop. It is perhaps the new norm. You don’t even need to shower unless you have a ‘Zoom” video conference with the team. This nano-virus has made us changed our way of life. This virus which is inhumane, makes us realize that we are humans after all.

I miss my Starbucks morning or afternoon fix in between client meetings.

On the other hand, your cooking skills have never been better. I live alone, so I am a great believer in dining out twice a day, 7-days a week. Besides cooking for one person is the least inexpensive. Take-out deliveries, cafés, and restaurants are my best friends. I only have soft-boiled eggs on toast or yogurt with mixed nuts for breakfast at home. Today marks the first that I have been cooking at home straight for 30 days! I have another 30 days to go until the business is as usual. The company that I work for is bleeding out their cash flow even with the government’s assistance but however manageable. Honestly, every SMEs in Singapore are suffering from economic contagion. Conglomerates are steady however, retailers and the service sectors suffer the most.

Digital video conference with your teammates is great but nothing is like face-to-face in person. It is the same with shopping online and experiencing full-on retail therapy. I miss human interactions and the sensorial experience.

My blog has always been about lifestyle, travel, and fun stuff. The last few posts are a little bit more real. The health caregivers and the front admin staff are doing such a courageous job. The rest of us should be indoors to help flatten the curve of Covid-19 (Corona Virus pandemic). I’m not going to repeat what the news is announcing, but I will tell you this. The upcoming months will be very hard. If you have been through hardships before, this would be a walk in the park. But you haven’t walk a mile in an unfortunate person’s shoe before, this would probably be hell for you.

I cannot stress how imperative it is to be debt-free or at least minimize your liabilities. If the next great depression struck, it is a world’s problem. Economic recovery will be at least in the next 6 months to 1 year. The year 2020 is supposed to be auspicious because of the double digits in Chinese. Perhaps it remains to be seen.

My late mother always says fresh flowers will fill the home with good energy.

I have stopped my weekly flower subscriptions along with the unnecessary subscriptions that I might not use. Trying hard to be frugal though I don’t need to. I’ve also made some donations over to a few bodies as a Muslim, the month of Ramadhan invites one to be more giving in this difficult time. While I am trying to be a good Muslim, I will pray that the Almighty might make things a bit better for everyone. Stay safe.

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Orange box 2.0

I am excited to share with you the release of my latest orange box of happiness from Hermés. But that would be insensitive as the world’s economy is going in a downward spiral. Unemployment is rising due to this economic contagion. A lot of set-back and sacrifices need to happen as we are indeed in the midst of perhaps a great depression.

On the other hand, escaping the reality once in a while is healthy. Getting away from the depressing news would be a luxury to keep your mind at ease. Let’s take a minute and escape from it. As I was re-modeling my walk-in closet, I couldn’t help but wonder about the families who were living from paycheck to paycheck. They have no financial freedom, let alone free from debts that accumulated with fluctuating bank interest rates. The struggle is real. I used to be one of them until I’ve made a life-changing decision. It was the pivotal moment in my life that I knew what the hell I am doing. I was living beyond my means. My mortgage was extremely high, along with my expensive tastes for designer labels. I turned my life around at the late age of 37. No savings, no investments with only one insurance policy that I thought about giving up prematurely.

The Lord does work in mysterious ways. I downsized. Who needs a two-storey duplex apartment when you only need a 1 bedroom apartment? By then, I had paid all my debts and fully paid on my current living situation. I’ve also made a few sound and rather lucrative investments in stocks and bonds securing my future. I hope to inspire anyone by writing this blog on the importance of financial freedom. The world might be going through difficult times ahead, but I don’t need to be. I am now 47. It takes me 10 years to correct it. Take the first step to being debt-free. Follow by completing your mortgage. From there, whatever you earn is yours to spend and save. 

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Orange box of happiness

Something about orange and dark taupe brown with white etching.
While the nation is in Orange alert, i indulge in an Orange box!

A bit of a history lesson with the iconic orange box. In the beginning, it was brown. During World War II the Nazis occupying Paris, Emile-Maurice Hermès later chose this shade for the newly acquired pieces. But the original brown shade still remains with the logo stamp as well the thin borders around the box.

The Kelly bag was renamed after the late fabulous Princess Grace of Monaco when she shielded her pregnant belly from the paparazzi. And the celebrity bag of status was inspired by Jane Birkin in a flight where she can’t find a bag that would fit everything for her carry-on bag. The third trinity of the holy grail would be the Constance bag, carrying the shiny ‘H’ depicting the brand of epitome in luxury and class. These are the fundamental knowledge of the brand you will know before getting yourself into buying the brand as a lifestyle. Hermès place significant stories about their brand history and captivate the audience.

Oh no you didn’t!? Sorry PETA, the alligator band looks better on my wrists!

Each time you made a purchase when you took the product home, the unboxing experience is like a dangerous drug. Adrenaline rush comes rushing when you are browsing the boutique and the dopamine really hits you hard after you have done with the current purchase, you have already thought of what to buy next! It’s really a marketing genius creating real-time desires with a follow-up desire for future sales. It was designed to ensure that you will be hooked for life! Why do you think many Hermès collectors have many stacked up orange boxes?

My collection of orange boxes so far…

Acquiring a Birkin is not money well-spent. It is money well-invested. Why? Simply because when you purchase it first, it is at retail but depending on the rarity of the bag in question, materials used and, how coveted it is (demands meet supply concept) You may just end up selling it at a handsome profit! Not too shabby. Certainly not as risky as buying stocks, bonds and, unit trusts.

The handbag, which also comes in cow, calf or ostrich leather, is made entirely by hand in France. Each bag takes anywhere between 18 to 25 hours to finish. But the coveted handbags recently became the focus of an expose by rights group Peta on crocodile farms from Texas to Zimbabwe, where the reptiles are allegedly crammed into concrete pits before being “cruelly hacked” to death. It takes two or three crocodiles to make one Birkin bag.

Having said that, however, it is what it is. I’m not going to sugar-coat the subject. Since the dawn of time, mankind has been using animals to fulfill their survival. We are at the top of the food chain after all. Though the topic is subjective, I find myself drawn into the world of fashion and orange boxes.

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Bastia coin pouch in epsom leather in the colour étoupe.

Lusting over Louis

“I am a happy camper!” #luxurygoals

I probably had this lust after this bag for the longest time ever! The Louis Vuitton keep all bandouliere in Daimler graphite in 45cm. It was indeed a 10-year wait for me and, I am finally getting it today.

My first keep all bag is a 60cm in the classic monogram that has been with me through thick and thin, like a good friend. I got it when in Singapore for only $880! Yes, it’s vintage-like my age. I got it in my twenties back in the hay-day of circa 1990s. Like me, this bag has aged very well and patina to tanned leather. It survived 22 years of traveling to 3 continents. Because of its size, i had to checked-in the duffel bag whenever I traveled. It is still in a mint condition with the inevitable scuffs and marks in the base of the luggage. Today’s price-point in this bag have sky-rocketed close to $3,500. That’s one thing about buying in a designer’s product, it appreciates over 10 years and, it depreciated after.

After 22 years of use, this made in France bag still can take a good beating. #louisvuitton

The pièce de résistance, I present to you the bag that I ever wanted for traveling as a carry-on. Understated checked pattern with a distinguished brand that is Louis Vuitton. My initials are stamped with a silver hot stamp bearing my first and last name. I.K. Idham Kardashians! hahaha kidding, it’s Khairon.

Luxury goods when purchased wisely, it is money well-spent. How I justify paying $2,560 is if a product can last you for 10 years, it is $256 per year. You divide that between 12 months and you get $21.33 per month. Now that is luxury that’s within reach.

So when you are questioning whether or not you should make an expensive purchase, use this rule of thumb. If the item in question lasts more than 10 years, it’s a no brainer. But whatever you decide, as long as you are happy, everyone else perception of you is irrelevant. You work hard for your money and I believe you deserve it.

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Bad boys goes to Cartier

Love Bracelet & Cartier Santos watch
Love You! Screw You!

Years ago when I was in a relationship of 10 years, I got a Cartier Trinity ring that signifies our love. The ring represents our love, devotion, and, friendship. A piece of jewelry especially a ring is significant. When you are no longer with your partner, I think its only right that you return the ring. The symbol of the relationship is no longer valid. Therefore it is meaningless to keep it. I saw this beauty awhile ago. My god-sister have it with diamond. The Cartier Love ring denotes eternal love. That’s why the screw motif is all around pretty much like the Cartier Santos watch that I’ve purchased myself. Back then, it retail for $5,000. But now, its closer to $10,000. The price has doubled since 20 years ago. Investing in a dressed watch is like having a tuxedo in your wardrobe. You always need one dressed watch in case you need to attend a fancy dinner. Besides, you can never go wrong because of the value it holds. This time I decided to complete the set with the Love bracelet and the Love ring. The bracelet is about $5,600, and the ring is priced at $1450 which I will get for myself by Christmas. Though you are paying for the brand name, Cartier is coveted and it is treated like currency.

The romantic bangle was designed by Cartier’s Aldo Cipullo in 1969″

I purchased the slimmer new version of the bracelet. The cheaper one! The original cost closed to $9,000. I am not willing to part with my money yet. For the ring, I fancy myself an 18K gold Love. It is a wedding band however, it’s alright. It was indeed Love at first sight. The idea is that with your bracelet, which fixes onto the wrist with screws, you show the world that you are ‘locked into a relationship.’ The romantic bangle was designed by Cartier’s Aldo Cipullo in 1969: he was inspired by the idea of men locking up their wives in chastity belts to ensure they would remain faithful.

Although you are not in a relationship or marriage, you can still purchase this collection as love for oneself. You are worth it. You don’t need someone to buy for you because if you are independent and make your own money, you are everything. I have friends who rely on their partner to get fine-jewelry like so. The truth is, I find that they can’t even last a week without their other half should anything goes wrong. All my two times I’ve been in a relationship I learned one thing. By giving people trust is giving your life away. Trust is the most powerful thing a person can have power over you. It’s great if you found someone who is your soulmate. In such instances, such a situation is a fairytale. Searching and having love is a wonderful thing. A luxury that not everyone gets to experience.

Cartier Love Bracelet 18K rose gold
Good boys go to heaven, bad boys go to Cartier. 18K rose gold Love bracelet, the slimmer version.

Love you…. Screw you!”

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Mixing your own Scent

Thorn among the roses
I am the only thorn among the lovely roses. More than three decades of friendship.

Something is fascinating about making your fragrance. A friend named Fariha decided to top her birthday celebrations extravagantly by having a perfume workshop. It was an astounding initiative. Every year, her plans for her birthday celebrations get even wild with unique ideas. It put the rest of us to mortification distress. Though this post is rather belated, I must write about this unique experience. The workshop consists of an introduction to various scents. It consists of an introduction to various scents. It explains the range of notes from the base, middle, and top notes. There are a variety of scents and how it reacts differently when in contact with the skin.

A fragrance has an impact on a person. It brings memories of a time that passed, a person that you might fell in and out of love. I get so comforted when I whiff the scent of Chanel No. 19. It reminded me of my beloved late mother. Whenever she went out to get ready for her Sunday’s wedding invitations, she would spritz that heavenly scent all over the skin and dress. I felt that I am loved and secured. Since she had passed on some years ago, I bought a bottle and place it on my nightstand. From the scent of love goes to the opposite, Fahrenheit by Christian Dior. I have such bad memories with that scent because of my ex-partner used to wear that fragrance. The power that a scent gives is magical. Almost like you are in a time-traveling machine. Your mind just travels back to the period of that particular situation.

Oo La Lab creates a unique experience for friends to bond on something. A common ground that friends might have some differences in opinions, coming together with their similarities on passion. Crafting fragrances is chemistry, something that I am not good at when I was in school. I have more artistic talent. A big nose is what Parfumeur is called. He or she should have a sensitive smell and can distinguish a scent. A perfumer is an expert on creating perfume compositions, sometimes referred to affectionately as a Nose (French: le nez) due to their fine sense of smell and skill in producing olfactory compositions. The company uses sustainably sourced ingredients that encourages the goodness of the environment. There’s a candle making workshop as well as organic soap making. We tried and tested several scents to suit our persona. After we decided on the final scent, the instructor demonstrates the multiplication technique of how much liquids of your choice should be in proportion. Apart from learning the formula, we also discovered how to seal your bottle using a fancy machine. The final product, your brand scent for the taking. See the video on instastory here.

At the end of the workshop, everyone gets to bring home their creation, a bottle of 50ml Eau de Parfum. The workshop cost about $250 Singapore Dollars per person. An equivalent amount if you purchase a designer Tom Ford fragrances. But I think it’s a great experience that not everyone is lucky enough to participate. The mixing and matching of scents accordingly to suit your preference.

perfume making
Numéro Uno #No.1 EDP

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Saint Laurent Kicks!

Saint Laurent Slip-on Venice Sneakers
Priced at $610 Singapore Dollars

My brand spanking new kicks from Saint Laurent. It’s lonely without Yves though hahaha I read an article about the lawsuit that goes on with this a few days ago. It was such a mess and frankly a media frenzy. Though it’s just a simple canvas with a little lining of leather and tab. I find it is the most comfortable shoes! The kind that doesn’t bite you on your first wear. I have always been a shoe person, next to being a bag person. Shoes are an investment. Wearing your new shoes, you feel so great at a night in a party but maybe you will have a crippling effect the next day when you found yourself with a bad hangover. It’s pretty much like a bad volatile financial investment with a diversified portfolio. I just had to reference this statement from a romantic-comedy, “Confessions of a Shopaholic!” Something that I can so relate to. I am a shopaholic without a doubt but unlike the heroine in the movie, I am right on track with my personal finance.

It’s not Saint Laurent without Yves”. YSL

Let’s spark some inspiration for our next purchase. Because they designed it that way”.

Here I come to the Marina Bay Sands to shop at a luxury retailer. I remember I used to work here at Lancôme Beauty Institute a long time ago when the mall was recently launched. Working in the retail industry commands long hours. I was a Branch Manager. Today, I get to enjoy the experience as a shopper. I came over to YSL and started browsing at the latest high-fashion. Over the neatly stacked piles of t-shirts, there it is I saw a cute backpack. I have never been a backpack kind of guy but when I first saw it – it’s fabulous! I must admit that it is quite fetching especially in full leather. The sheen that the leather gives just stunning. I love labels that are understated. No loud brand names, you are wearing the brand and not the other way round. When I just graduated from college. I knew a terrific soul named Jay Escoe Bell. He was the former retail manager of Club 21. My fashion taste today, I got mentored by him. He is now working as Vice President for Barneys New York. I tried on the backpack but, I thought to myself I should wait a bit longer because I need to get the shoes first. And, I did. I was frugal. I tried a few other models which I will reveal to you sometime later. It is because there are a few things that I like and would love to purchase it all. I seldom behave impulsively, so I decided to wait and get one thing at a time. But, I got this as well!

After I’ve paid for my shoes, my God-sister and I walked around The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands and had high-tea at TWG. We visited a few brands such as Louis Vuitton, and Cartier to spark some inspiration for our next purchase. Our shopping escapades will not end. There will always be things to get. Oh, they designed it that way – Consumerism.

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The Power of Magnesium

You can rule the world when you are fixed and wear a Prada suit!
When you are rested and fixed, you can take on anything and rule the world!

There is growing evidence of trials and studies regarding transdermal absorption of magnesium (Mg) compared when taking in a tablet or capsule orally as a supplement. The good news is you may now introduce it in your massage routine. Magnesium has many benefits, it is good for the mind, fights depression, and lowers blood pressure while boosting your sports performance. The combination of deep tissue techniques with the application of magnesium spray increases the healing process of a body. The benefits of magnesium application into your routine not only help ease and soothes aching muscles rapidly, but they also enhance better sleep and promote weight loss when using it in conjunction with other exercises and diet. Deep tissue massage is best suited for people who engage in very active physical activities, such as running, play sports, or those who are recovering from an injury or have persistent chronic pain.

I have suffered from a whiplash injury from a car accident about a year ago. It affected my neck to the upper part of my right shoulder blade right while it radiates through my right arm elbow. I have progressed better on mobility with combinations of treatment. It is my next best thing to physiotherapy. Like all therapies, one session will not solve the issue. You will need at least 3 to 6 sessions for the massage with a combination of recommended treatments by your therapist.

Before any treatment, discuss your issues with your therapist. Please be open and do not hesitate to communicate with your therapist before and during the massage. Deep tissue massages usually begin as a more traditional relaxation massage. The techniques can be approached in the most common methods, full-body or localized. After the muscles are warmed up, your massage therapist will begin to work deep into your problem areas. In addition to their palms, fingertips, and knuckles, they may use the forearms or elbows to increase pressure. Expect some soreness 24 to 48 hours after your each session.

I recommend these few combinations and alternate the treatment:

The benefits of a magnesium bath/soak:

  • Relieve joint pain
  • Relieve bodily stress, aches, pain, and fatigue
  • Soothe skin conditions such as eczema, acne, psoriasis and dermatitis
  • Remove toxins and heavy metals at a cellular level
  • Improve inflamation
  • Improve skin hydration
  • Improve blood circulation and blood flow
  • Fight infection

Magnesium oil has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its ability to naturally promote healthy skin. Research has indicated that regular use of magnesium oil applied topically helps to maintain ideal moisture levels and normal inflammatory responses in the skin, making it especially beneficial for treating skin problems.

It is my next best thing to physiotherapy”

In addition to supporting skin, by applying magnesium has been linked to other wellness benefits such as muscle relief, better sleep cycle, and relaxation. Proven evidence has also found that magnesium chloride in the form of magnesium spray encourages joint mobility. Treating your issues with the combination of massage, cold compress, heat pack, and stretching along with an application of magnesium oil through transdermal, makes the healing process quicker.

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